Which curd is better for me, Sweet or Salty ?

Sweet or salty curd

Curd is a delicious and nutritious dairy product enjoyed by people worldwide. It is a prevalent question among people which version of curd is better for me, i.e. sweet or salty, sweet means curd with jaggery or misri (sweet version), and salty curd means with salt or spices (salty version). To know nutritional value of curd read this article

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1. Sweet curd (Fresh curd)

Jaggery vs sugar

Sweet curd means fresh curd or curd mixed with a little amount of jaggery. Sweet curd should not be mixed with Sugar. Because curd contains live micro-organisms which are good for your gut health when you add jaggery (गुड़ या गुड़ की शक्कर) it increases the live micro-organisms which are good for gut health. But when you add chemically processed refined sugar in curd, it rapidly decreases the live micro-organisms or destroys them so it will not have any beneficial effect on your health.

Benefits of sweet curd

  • High in Protein : Sweet curd is an excellent source of protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair.
  • Acts as a Probiotic to improve the immune system : Sweet curd multiply good bacteria (micro-organism) by adding jaggery results to  improve digestion which promotes healthy gut flora, and boosts the immune system.
  • Calcium-Rich: Curd contains a good amount of calcium, which promotes strong teeth and bones.
  • Helps with digestion problems and increases weight: Sweet curd has cooling properties which makes it an ideal choice for People having acidity or digestion problems and it also having medhuverdhak properties means regular consumption helps to gain weight.

2. Salty Curd

Table salt vs himalyan pink salt

Salty curd is prepared by adding salt to the curd, but the question is which salt should we add to the curd? whether it is table salt or Pink salt? The Answer is Himalayan pink salt or a pinch of rock salt crystals. Table salt is chemically processed and contains iodine which just kills good bacteria ( micro-organism ) less bacteria = less effectiveness. So it is recommended to opt for Himalayan pink salt or a pinch of rock salt.

Benefits of Salty curd:

  • Low in Calories: Salty curd is a relatively low-calorie food, making it suitable for those who are watching their weight to go down on scale.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D: Salty curd is a good source of calcium and is often fortified with vitamin D, which supports calcium absorption and contributes to your bone health.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Which is better curd with salt or sugar?

It is recommended to take plain fresh curd. It is of low fat. If you want sweet curd, add little Jaggary keeping in mind that sweet curd puts weight on you as high in calorie. Make salty curd by adding Himalayan pink salt only, it helps to reduce weight.

Does adding salt to curd Kill bacteria?

Salt can accelerate the death rate of most bacterial species, including Lactobacillus found in curd, which will eliminate the probiotic health benefits of Yogurt/Curd. If you want salt, try to use Himalayan salt or rock salt crystals/chunks in shallow concentration rather than powdered salt, as the anti-caking agents in powdered salt may also affect Lactobacillus bacteria found in curd.

Is it good to add sugar in curd?

Chemically processed sugar added in curd decay the live microorganisms, i.e, lactobacillus strength over time.  Adding jaggery (गुड़ या गुड़ की शक्कर) increases the live micro-organisms which are good for gut health. If you are diabetic then adding any form of sugar will increase your sugar value, else it will increase calories.

Is Curd is equally nutritious in any form?

No. If you consume simple fresh curd as it is made, it’s more beneficial. Always consume curd within a day after making or else its nutrients get reduced. To know more about types of curd you can read this article.

Is sweet curd good for health?

Curd prepared at home considered always better than packed curd available in market as it doesn’t contain preservative and artificial flavor.

Which curd is best to eat?

Freshly prepared sweet curd or mix with jaggary  is good for digestive system, stomach problems and vaginal infection. It also strengthens our bones and teeth because of high calcium content.

Which is the healthiest curd available in market?

Greek Yogurt is considered best curd available in market. Most Greek yogurts have about twice the protein as regular yogurt. or we can say unsweetened home made low fat curd is also equally good.

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